Monday, October 12, 2009


A look back : Ismene

Earlier this year my mac expired, taking with it hundreds of photos and lots of writing. But luckily, thanks to the massive amounts of information technology, I managed to salvage a few of my favorite old pictures. Mainly of Ismene, the first custom nude doll I sold, and the only one who wasn't properly shot in a studio. Here are a few for your enjoyment-- she was so sassy.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Beautiful Crissy!! When I was a kid a friend of my mother's gave me one of her old Crissy dolls. Her hair mechanism was totally broken, but I spent a lot of time working with what was left. She disappeared into the void of thrift store donations before I could recognize her real value.

SPECTRA! I always remember seeing these sorry creatures at the Deseret Industries ( a Utah thrift store where i did most of my doll shopping as a kid. ) Maybe I should make a Kouklita spectra out of some metallic suede! I've been toying with the idea of making a robotic future girl since I started the line, but robot and rag doll don't really seem to work. I'm going to figure it out though...when Mary Beth my downstairs neighbor was moving out she had piles of electrical cords that I thought would make a really cool outfit. Maybe next collection!

And of course I love me some Lady LovelyLocks. But where, I must ask, is Duchess Ravenwaves?


Who know fall was going to be such a busy month? The official website has landed. An interview I did for popular queer culture site East Village Boys dropped two days ago. I'm thrilled with all the great feedback I've received. I actually love the interview-- minus some of the expletives! (Sorry mom...) Who knew I was so vulgar?

The interview was amazing because I got the chance to work with some really awesome photographers. Allison Michael Orenstein came over one beautiful morning and we had fun on my porch and on the floor of my bedroom.

And David Kimelman followed me to the National Doll and Teddy Bear convention back in August, shooting the glamorous life of doll conventioneers.

Custom Girls

Here's a selection of a few of my favorite custom girls I've done in the past.

My Dolly Parton- with a custom body, handmade wig, and one of a kind dress.

Custom Alyssa Doll, complete with freckle and birthmark details.

Custom Doll for Sharon Alexander's midtown hair salon/studio. Official studio pics to be going up on the main site soon.