Friday, May 29, 2009


The Kouklitas are well on their way to getting their own website. Finished the gown for Evelyn, pictures below.

Evelyn's bodice is made out of a loosely woven cotton, the blouse+top layer of her dress is a vintage scarf from the 1930's I picked up in Paris, and the underskirt is two yards of silk organza. Because Evelyn has been asleep for almost two centuries, the entire gown was tea dyed post construction.

In other doll news, check out my friend Filep's blog Un Nouveau Ideal, scroll down to the May 24 entry to see his interview with doll collector Thanos Samaras, who makes his own line of gorgeously packaged doll wigs. Here is a video of Thanos' entry into the annual Blythe dressup contest.

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  1. Beautiful doll... great color
    combining. Great work!