Monday, October 12, 2009

A look back : Ismene

Earlier this year my mac expired, taking with it hundreds of photos and lots of writing. But luckily, thanks to the massive amounts of information technology, I managed to salvage a few of my favorite old pictures. Mainly of Ismene, the first custom nude doll I sold, and the only one who wasn't properly shot in a studio. Here are a few for your enjoyment-- she was so sassy.


  1. Hi,
    I've read your interview on evb and really fell in love with your dolls. Now I want to become one of those old woman who have their house stacked with dolls.
    sorry. random..

  2. Just saw this, love the Ismene doll and not only because we share the name. She is breath taking i just keep staring and when I look away she draws me back, definitely have a way with telling a story that stirs up so much emotion!

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